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Course Connect - For Students: Policies

Honor Code

The same policies that apply to in-person learning also apply to Course Connect. To read about academic integrity and the Honor Code, visit this link. 

For more information on what is required from your instructors in Course Connect, visit this LibGuide link and view the Course Connect Documentation Requirements box on the left to learn more about college policies for Course Connect. 

Course Closures

Course Closure Policy

All courses will be archived two weeks after grades are due each semester. Our course closure policy is designed to help protect all users and maintain academic integrity across campus. Our current policy of closing courses two weeks past the end of the semester is designed based on the policies of similar institutions. Our motivations behind closing courses are to align Course Connect policies with wider institutional policies and to prevent any kind of accidental copyright infringement or honor code violations. 

Retrieving Past Coursework

Retrieving Past Coursework

If you need to retrieve your submissions (papers, PowerPoint slides, Excel sheets, etc.) from a closed course for any reason, you will need permission from both the original instructor of the course and the Instructional Technology Librarian. The Instructional Technology Librarian will coordinate with the instructor of the course to retrieve the document(s). To request a document from a closed/archived course, please email and copy the original instructor of the course on your email. Please include as many details as possible to assist in locating the document(s), including the name of the course, the name of the activity or topic where the document was submitted, and the name of the document.

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