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Course Connect - For Students: Assignments

Introduction to Assignments

Below is an example of an Assignment activity.

Included on this page:

Submitting an assignment

Quick Guide to Turnitin

Resources to Markup PDFs

Submitting an Assignment

Assignments provide a space where you can submit work for your teachers to grade and provide feedback on. This saves on paper and is more efficient than email.

To submit an assignment, first click on the assignment link on the course page. You will be taken to the following page:


Next, click the Add Submission button to be taken to the file submission viewer (see below).



At the file submission viewer, you have two ways to insert a file. The first method is to drag and drop a file from your computer's file explorer into the file upload area. After doing this, you can select Save Changes and your assignment will be submitted. 


The second option for uploading is to click on the 'File' button, highlighted in red below:


Once you have selected the file button, click on Upload a File, and then Choose File. Once you have selected a file, click Upload this File (see buttons in red below). 

Once your file is uploaded, be sure to click Save Changes below the file box to fully submit your assignment. 

Quick Guide to Turnitin

PDF Markup Note

As an alternative to a written assignment, professors may sometimes post assignments as PDFs or Word documents instead. Please read below for information on PDF markup. 

Resources to Markup PDFs

Free Options to Markup PDF Documents and Scan on Devices 


All of these options can be downloaded from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store unless otherwise noted.  


Markup a PDF in OneDrive 


Note: To access your Office 365 account and apps like OneDrive, login at  


Books App and Notes App in iOS (Apple App Store Only) 


Save and mark up PDFs on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch with the Books app:  


More Apple Markup options:


Use the Notes app to capture a quick thought, create checklists, sketch ideas, and more.


XODO PDF Reader – iOS, Android, Desktop 


Click on the download button in the navigation bar and select your option:  


Genius Scan - Scan to PDF App – iOS or Android 


Adobe Acrobat Reader DC – iOS, Android, Desktop 


Note: You can skip the sign in process in the app to use for free. You can markup by using the Fill & Sign feature and then save the PDF on your device or computer.  



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