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Course Connect - For Students: Attendance


Below is an example of an Attendance activity.


Included on this page:

Viewing Attendance



About Attendance

Your instructor can record your attendance in class using the Attendance activity. The standard scale used to record attendance is PLAE (Present, Late, Absent, or Excused). Your instructor can assign points based on the different attendance options, and the score will be reflected in your Course Connect gradebook. To view your scores, click on the activity from the course page and you will see a screen similar to the one below. 




You will see on the Attendance screen a column for your status (PLAE), your points on a scale of 0 - 100, and any remarks your teacher has left. At the bottom left of the page you will see a summary of the total recorded sessions, your points overall, and your percentage based on those points. 

Viewing Different Sessions

Please note the red square in the image below. If you would like to view your attendance for all courses or all sessions, use the highlighted tabs below. 




Instead of simply recording attendance, your instructor may also choose to record your effort and attention in class by using this same activity and renaming it 'Participation.' The attendance activity is highly customizable and your instructor can replace the PLAE acronym with anything of their choosing. For example, in a participation activity the instructor may assign grades on a scale of AEPU (Active, Engaged, Prepared, Unprepared) and they may assign different grades for each option.


Participation View

Below you can see what a score for a participation activity may look like, and how the different status options may affect your score. 


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