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Course Connect--For Students: Forums

What is a forum?

Below is the icon for the Forum activity.

You can use this activity to chat with peers and professors and complete prompts. 

How to Post to a Forum

To post to or read a forum, first click on the forum assignment. You will be brought to the following page:

Next, click on the discussion you would like to read or post in. You will be brought to the following page:

Click on the 'reply' button (highlighted in red). You will be brought to the following page:

Enter a title for your reply and a message. You can also scroll down this page to add files or tags to your post. After typing your text, click 'post to forum.' 

Forum Functions

When viewing a forum post, you have several options for interacting with the post. 

You can use the drop-down menu at the top of the image to change the way in which your forum posts are displayed. 

You can use the purple buttons at the bottom left and right to navigate between activities. 

You can use the series of purple hyperlinks at the bottom left of the post to Edit, Delete, or reply to a post. Note: You can only edit your forum post for 30 minutes after your original post. 

Open Forums

An Open Forum operates in much the same way as a regular forum. Two notable differences are that the icon for this forum is different, and the most recent post appears on the main course page. 

You will access an Open Forum the same way that you access a regular forum, by clicking on the activity link from your course page. 

Once inside the forum, you can view and reply to posts. 

You may have the option to post anonymously in an open forum. If this option is available, your posts will automatically be anonymous unless you click on the 'reveal' option below your reply (please see the box below highlighted in red).

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