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Course Connect--For Students: Quizzes


Below is the Quiz icon. To access a quiz, simply click on the quiz link. 

Taking a Quiz

After you have clicked on the quiz link, you will be brought to the following page:

This page has information on how long you have to take the quiz, as well as what grading method will be used. To take the quiz, click on "Attempt Quiz Now." This will begin your quiz attempt.  If your quiz is timed, the timer will start once you click the "Attempt Quiz Now" button, and the timer cannot be paused.

After clicking the "Attempt Quiz Now" button, you will be brought to the quiz itself. Below is an example of what your quiz may look like:

When you have answered all questions on the page, select "Next Page" to continue to the next question. If you are on the last question or have finished the quiz, select "Finish Attempt." This will bring you to a page summarizing your attempt at the quiz. 


If you would like to continue your attempt, click on "Return to Attempt." If you are finished with the quiz, select "Submit all and Finish." The following screen will appear:

To submit your quiz, you must click "Submit all and Finish." Once your quiz has been submitted, you will be brought to a summary of the quiz attempt, which includes your grade on the quiz (see image below). Note: Your grade displayed on this page will not take into account the questions that your professor has to grade manually. This grade only reflects the questions that have been automatically graded. 



Editing Text

In quizzes and other assignments in Course Connect, you may encounter the below text editing box. This box contains basic editing features like bold, italic, numbered lists, and hyperlinks. If you click on the very first icon, an arrow pointing downward (highlighted in red below), more editing features will be revealed. 

You can use the buttons highlighted in blue in the picture above to add audio, video, and word files. The microphone icon will allow you to record audio directly into Course Connect. The video icon allows you to record video directly into Course Connect. The other buttons are for uploading files, audio, and video that already exist on your electronic device. 

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