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Course Connect - For Students: Quizzes


Below is an example of a Quiz. To access a quiz, simply click on the quiz link. 

Included on this page:

Taking a Quiz

Quiz Results

Question Types

Editing Text

Taking a Quiz

On your course page, click on the quiz link and you will be brought to the Quiz Summary page. This page has information on how long you have to take the quiz, as well as what grading method will be used.




To take the quiz, click on "Attempt Quiz Now." This will begin your quiz attempt.  If your quiz is timed, the timer will start once you click the "Attempt Quiz Now" button, and the timer cannot be paused.

After clicking the "Attempt Quiz Now" button, you will be brought to the quiz itself. Below is an example of what your quiz may look like:




When you have answered all questions on the page, select "Next Page" or use the Quiz Navigation pane on the right to continue to the next question. If you are on the last question or have finished the quiz, select "Finish Attempt." This will bring you to a page summarizing your attempt at the quiz. 






If you would like to continue your attempt, click on "Return to Attempt." If you are finished with the quiz, select "Submit all and Finish." The confirmation screen pictured below will appear.

Note: To submit your quiz, you must click "Submit all and Finish" again. Otherwise, your attempt will not be counted. 



Quiz Results

Once your quiz has been submitted, you will be brought to a summary of the quiz attempt, which includes your grade on the quiz (see image below). 

Note: The grade displayed on this page may not include the questions that your professor has to grade manually, like essay questions. This grade only reflects the questions that have been automatically graded, like multiple-choice questions. Because of this, your grade may be adjusted after your instructor finishes manual grading.


Question Types

Below are some of the most common question types your instructor may use when building a quiz:


Drag and DropMarkers are dragged and dropped onto a background image or allows the user to drag and drop items to match answers to sub-questions.

Essay - Allows a response of a file upload and/or online text. This must then be graded manually.

Formulas Question type with random values and multiple answers The answer fields can be placed anywhere so that we can create questions involving various structures such as vectors, polynomials and matrix.

Matching  - The answer to each of a number of sub-question must be selected from a list of possibilities.

Multiple Choice Allows the selection of a single or multiple responses from a pre-defined list.

Numerical Allows a numerical response, possibly with units, that is graded by comparing against various model answers, possibly with tolerances.

Short AnswerAllows a response of one or a few words that is graded by comparing against various model answers, which may contain wildcards.

True/False A simple form of multiple choice question with just the two choices 'True' and 'False'.

Editing Text

In quizzes, forums, and other activities in Course Connect that require you to type a reply, you may encounter the below text editing box. This box contains basic editing features like bold, italic, numbered lists, and hyperlinks. It also allows you to insert media like images and video, and record audio or video up to five minutes long directly into Course Connect. 

The text editor will allow you to undo and redo your work, adjust your font color, insert special characters and emojis, create tables, and much more! You can use the ellipses icon highlighted in red in the screenshot above to expand your editing options.

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