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Course Connect - For Students: FAQs


Frequently Asked Questions


Q: My password is not working.

A: Whatever username and password combination you use for other Millsaps accounts (email, Major Portal, etc.) should work with Course Connect. When you login, be sure to select the button labeled Millsaps College Login. 

However, if you need to recover your password, contact the ITS department at:

Q: How are my courses added in Course Connect?

A: You are automatically enrolled in your courses in Course Connect as long as you have registered. If your enrollment changes (if you add or drop a course), please wait 24 hours for Course Connect to reflect your schedule changes. 

Q: How do I find my courses in Course Connect?

A: When you login, your courses are listed under the "My Courses" tab. Visit the Basics section of this LibGuide and view the Navigation box on the right of the page to learn more about how you can access your courses. 

Q: How can I filter which courses I see on the My Courses page?

A: Visit the Basics tab of this LibGuide and view the box on the right labeled "How to Access a Course" for information on searching and filtering your My Courses page. 

Want to create a favorites list? Click on the ellipses icon underneath the title of the course and choose "Star this Course." The course will be added to the "Starred" courses list, and you can access them by using the first drop-down menu on your My Courses tab to select Starred. You can add and remove courses from your "Starred" list anytime. 

Q: My course has no content or grades! What do I do?

A: Instructors are responsible for adding content to their courses, so each of your courses will look different and will contain different content. However, your course should contain the basic elements found on this Policies LibGuide page in the box labeled Course Connect Documentation Requirements. If there is no content in your course, you should contact your instructor directly to discuss. If you still have concerns after speaking to your instructor, please forward your concerns to

If your course contains no grades, please see the Grading Policies box on the right side of this LibGuide page

Q: I need a document from an old course that is no longer listed under My Courses; how do I retrieve a document from a past course?

A: All courses are closed two weeks after grades are due at the end of each semester. The Instructional Technology Librarian or the original instructor of the course containing the submission(s) may retrieve the document(s) on behalf of the student. Please visit the 'Policies' section of this LibGuide and view the section labeled 'Retrieving Past Coursework' to learn more about recovering your documents. 

If your questions are not addressed on this page please contact  Rachel Long, Instructional Technology Librarian, through the Instructional Technology Request Form linked in the image below:




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