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Course Connect - For Students: Resources


Course Connect contains numerous resources to help you succeed in class. Some of the most common resources your instructor may include in your course are Files, Pages, and URLs.  Read below to learn more about these resources. 




Below is the File icon:


Depending on your instructor's preferences, files are either automatically downloadable, embedded on a page in Course Connect, or they may open in a new window. Clicking on the file link will tell you what settings your instructor has chosen. If the file is downloadable, simply click on the file link to download. If the file is embedded, when you click the file link you will be taken to another page within your course where you can read the file. The file may also open in a new window, where you can choose to download or print. 


Below is the Page icon:


A Page in Course Connect enables your instructor to create a web page resource using the text editor. A page can display text, images, sound, video, web links and embedded code. If you see a Page in your course, click on the Page title to view the content your instructor has posted. 


Below is the URL or Link icon:


The URL module enables a teacher to provide a web link as a course resource. Anything that is freely available online, such as documents or images, can be linked to in Course Connect. There are a number of display options for the URL such as embedded or opening in a new window, depending on the settings your instructor has chosen. 

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