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Course Connect - For Students: Course Formats

Course Formats

Your professors may choose from a variety of course formats which determine how content is displayed in your courses. 


Below are examples of the two most common course formats: Topics and Grid.  

Topics Format

Below you will see a screen recording of a course in Topics format. In this format, you will simply scroll through the course to see new content. In the first section of the course you will see an option labeled Collapse All which will allow you to collapse the topics so that it is easier to scroll to the content you are looking for. To open a topic after collapsing all topics, click on the topic name.

Grid Format

Below you will see a screen recording of a course in Grid format. In this format, your topics are collapsed into individual boxes. To view a topic, click on the box associated with that topic and a pop-up screen will open for you to view content. You can use the arrows at the bottom of the pop-up screen to navigate to the next topic. The first General section in your course may be separate from the grid, and will look similar to the General section in Topics format.

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