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Course Connect - For Faculty & Staff: Attendance

Attendance Module

The attendance activity module enables a teacher to take attendance during class and students to view their own attendance record.

The teacher can create multiple sessions and can mark the attendance status as "Present", "Absent", "Late", or "Excused" or modify the statuses to suit their needs.

Reports are available for the entire class or individual students.



Settings for Attendance:

  • The only setting that needs to be changed in Attendance is the Grade Category setting under the Grade heading.


Add a Session

To Add a Session:

  • From your course page, click on your Attendance activity
  • Underneath "Attendance for the course: ___" select Add Session
  • Under the Add Session heading, enter the Date and Time of your course

If you would like to automatically create a session for each class meeting:

  • Look under the Multiple Sessions heading
  • Select Repeat the session above as follows
  • Select the day(s) on which your class meets
  • Set an end date for your course in the repeat until setting
  • Select save and return to course



To take Attendance:

  • From your course page, click on your Attendance activity
  • Next to the session you would like to take attendance for, click on the triangle/play button
  • Select Present, Late, Excused, or Absent for each student, and add any additional remarks you have
  • Select save attendance 

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