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Course Connect - For Faculty & Staff: Course Design

Designing Your Online Course

Designing an online component for your course doesn't have to be a daunting task. 


Topics on this Page: 

About Imports; Read about Online Course Design; Templates; Videos about Course Design; Quality Matters

About Imports

An import is an exact copy of a course that can be applied to any other active/open course. Imports are helpful if you are teaching the same course repeatedly for multiple semesters or years. Your Course Connect classes are not deleted, but rather archived at the end of each semester (see: Course Closures on the Policies page). This means that if you create a course in one semester, that course can be imported/copied into any future courses you teach because the course content has been preserved, even after the course has been hidden. 


Keep in mind that imports are exact copies; this means that due dates will carry over from the original course into the destination course. Please be sure to update the Availability settings for any relevant activities in your course after the import is complete. 


You can request two types of imports: a 'full' import, or a 'partial' import. In a full import, all content from the original course is exactly copied into the destination course. A partial import only contains the activities, resources, and content that you specify in your request. To request an import, please view the About Course Connect page of this guide and use the ITR Form linked to the image there. 


Starting off with a blank course in Course Connect can be intimidating when you don't know where to start. To help remedy this, I have designed a course template based on the Quality Matters 6th edition rubric. This template contains example activities and the basic elements required for a course to be considered 'quality' based on the QM rubric (i.e. a welcome message; measurable course and module level objectives; clear instructions and overviews; varied activities and resources; etc.). Please view the Quality Matters box at the bottom of this page to learn more about QM.


The template can be imported into your empty course shell(s) in Course Connect and can serve as a framework that supports the content you want to add to your courses. After the template has been imported into your course, simply edit the course as normal and customize, add, and delete content so that the course best meets the needs of your learners.


To view the template in either topics or grid format, use the links and enrollment keys listed below.

Quality Matters

Millsaps-Wilson Library | Millsaps College | 601-974-1073 |