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Course Connect - For Faculty & Staff: The Basics

Creating a Course

Course Creation

All academic courses are automatically created in Course Connect each semester. If you have a request for a non-academic course for an office, department, or group, or if you cannot locate your academic course, please use the Instructional Technology Request Form. 

Adjusting your Dashboard View

The My Courses page contains a summary of the courses you are enrolled in. To access any course from My Courses, simply click on the tile of the class located in the Course Overview. You can use the three drop-down menus at the top of the overview to choose exactly what you see on your Dashboard.

If you cannot locate your courses, try changing the first drop-down filter to the option "All (Including Removed from View)." You can also use the ellipses icon under the course title to 'star' or favorite your courses. This will give you the ability to use the first drop-down menu to view only your 'starred' courses. In addition to filters, you can search for courses by title using the search bar. 




Editing Your Course

To edit a course, the first thing you have to do is turn editing on. To do this, simply click the button pictured below in the red square. 




You will now see that the appearance of your course has changed, and you have access to numerous editing features. 

Adding and Editing Files and Activities

Once you have turned editing on in your course you will see the following editing icons:


This icon will allow you to change the titles of topics, modules, and activities. 



This icon will allow you to:

  • Edit the settings of an activity
  • Indent activities
  • Hide or un-hide activities
  • Duplicate activities
  • Assign roles for an activity
  • Or delete an activity



This icon will allow you to add plugins like resources, assignments, and activities to your course. Simply click this icon, select your activity, and click Add. To learn how to use some of Course Connect's most common tools, visit our Common Plugins or Activities & Resources page.

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