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Course Connect - For Faculty & Staff: Basic Course Editing

Editing Your Course

See below for information about the basic editing features available in Course Connect.

For information on customizing your course further, visit the tab labeled Designing Your Course.


Topics on this Page: 

Edit Mode; Editing Your Course; Available Activities & Resources; Adding Files with Drag & Drop; Adding Files Manually

Edit Mode

To edit a course, the first thing you have to do is turn edit mode on. To do this, simply toggle the button pictured below in the red square. 

You will now see that the appearance of your course has changed, and you have access to numerous editing features (see box below for details).

Available Activities & Resources

Below are the many options instructors have for adding activities and resources to a course. To access the many activity and resource options, be sure you have Edit Mode turned on and then select Add an Activity or Resource in the appropriate topic. 


To create a list of your most used activities and resources, select the 'star' icon underneath the item and it will be added to your Starred list. After adding items to your Starred list, the next time you open the activity chooser you will automatically see your Starred list first. You can switch back to view all activities or resources using the tabs at the top of the pop-up screen. 

To learn more about how an activity or resource functions, select the 'i' icon under the item.

Adding Files with Drag & Drop

Drag & Drop Media and Files

You can easily drag and drop media in Course Connect. If you are attempting to upload a file into an assignment or activity that has a file upload section, simply open your device's file explorer and drag the file or image into the appropriate box. The file drop box will look similar to the box pictured in the Adding Files Manually section on the right of this page. This works for course and section images, submitting to assignments, and anywhere a file upload section is present. When you are done, be sure to select 'save' at the bottom of the page. 

If you want to add a file or other media like images, audio, and video to your course page, first ensure that Edit Mode is turned on and then drag your file onto the course page. You may see the following screen:



On the above screen you can choose to upload the file as an embedded piece of media (the file/image/audio/video will be visible directly on the course page) or as a file resource (the file will appear as a downloadable link). If you embed your file, please note that it may only appear as a small icon while you have Edit Mode turned on. Once Edit Mode is turned off, you will see the full embedded piece of media. Below is an example of the same file uploaded first as media, and then as a file resource.


Editing Your Course

Once you have turned editing on in your course you will see the editing options highlighted below:



  • The 'Collapse All' option (red box) will allow you to collapse or expand your topics as needed for easier navigation. 
  •  'Add an Activity or Resource' (blue box) will open a pop-up screen containing all of the different activities and resources you can add to your course. For more information, visit the Available Activities & Resources section of this page.
  • The pencil icon (green box) will allow you to change the names of topics, activities, and resources directly from the course page without going into the settings. To save your title, hit 'enter' on your keyboard
  • 'Add Topic' (yellow box) gives you the option of adding additional topics/modules to your course. Courses come pre-loaded with 20 topics. See below for deleting topics. 
  • You will see the ellipses icon (orange box) to the right of every topic and activity. Click the ellipses icon to view your editing options. Your editing options will differ depending on whether you are editing a topic, or an activity/resource (see image below). 



The ellipses icon will allow you to: enter the settings of your topic or activity; hide and reveal topics and items in the course; move items to a new location; duplicate activities and resources; delete items; and indent or highlight specific topics and activities/resources.

Adding Files Manually

Manually Adding a File or Image

If you would like to manually add an image or file within an activity or through the File resource, first navigate to the file upload area and select the box seen below in the green square.



You will see the following pop-up window. Read below for next steps.



  • Ensure the column on the right is set to Upload a File.
  • Next, select Choose File and your computer's file explorer will open. 
  • Click on the file you want to upload, and in the bottom right corner of the file explorer window select Open
  • Lastly, select Upload this File. 

Your file has now been added to your course. Scroll to the bottom of the page and select Save and Display

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