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Course Connect - For Faculty & Staff: FAQ


If your questions are not addressed on this page, please contact our Instructional Technology Librarian, Rachel Long. 


Phone: 601-974-1072

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I create a course?

​Starting in Fall 2019, faculty and students are auto-enrolled in auto-created courses. If you do not see your course or if you need to combine sections or cross-listed courses, please contact us.

For other types of Course Connect pages you may need to create, please return to the About Course Connect page of this LibGuide and select the Instructional Technology Request Form. 

How do I enroll a student in my course?

​Starting in Fall 2019, faculty and students are auto-enrolled in auto-created courses. If students or faculty do not have access, please let us know.

For any other types of Course Connect pages, please follow these instructions to add users:

From the front page of your course, click on Participants in the row of tabs under your course title. Next, click on the Enroll Users button near the top of the screen. In the pop-up window, enter each students' name or email address in the first search box and click on their name. Once all users have been searched for and selected, click the button at the bottom of the screen labeled Enroll Selected Users and Cohorts

How do I find my enrollment key?

Enrollment Keys are no longer required in Course Connect due to auto-enrollment. If you see a notice prompting you to enter an Enrollment Key, this means you are not enrolled in the course. Please return to the About Course Connect tab of this LibGuide and use the ITR Form to submit a request. 

I'm trying to enroll a student in my course, but they aren't showing up. Why can't I find my student?

If you cannot find a student to enroll them in a course, check with the student to see if they have ever logged into Course Connect before. If they have never logged in, the system won't recognize them as a student. Try to enroll them after having the student log into Course Connect. 

I can't turn editing on or a function of Course Connect is missing. 

This is likely a browser issue; try using Course Connect on Google Chrome.

Can I change the name of my course?

Please leave the name of your course as it appears upon creation. Courses must reflect their official names from the course catalog. Any course whose name is changed will automatically return to the default name after courses and enrollment are processed overnight. 

I lost my password, how do I find it?

Whatever username and password combination you use for other Millsaps accounts (e-mail, Major Portal, etc.) should work with Course Connect. However, if you need to recover your password, contact the ITS department at:


Millsaps-Wilson Library | Millsaps College | 601-974-1073 |