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Course Connect - For Faculty & Staff: Gradebook View

Gradebook View

Your gradebook can be accessed by selecting the Grades tab near the top of your course page under the course title. The landing page of the Course Connect gradebook is called the Grader Report.


Topics on this Page:

Grader Report; Single View; User Report; Student View

Grader Report

The grader Report contains an overview of your students' performance on all graded activities in the course.

Grades that are automatically assigned (like multiple choice quiz questions) and grades that are applied outside of the gradebook (such as on the assignment grading screen) will appear in the appropriate cells on the main Grader Report page.




Some items in the gradebook will have to be manually graded (i.e. essay questions and manual grade items that you have added to the course - see Gradebook Setup). To manually grade an item, first turn on Edit Mode by toggling the button in the upper right corner of the page. You will now see that you have numerous editing options.



To add a manual grade, simply enter the appropriate grade in the cell that corresponds to the student and activity in question and select Enter on your keyboard. If you are entering multiple grades you can enter each grade and instead of selecting the Enter button, select Save Changes at the bottom of the Grader Report. 


Manually entered grades are called 'overridden' grades because the manual grade takes precedence over any automatically grades items. For example, if you manually enter a grade for a quiz the manual grade will override any automatic grades that come from the quiz. Overridden grades will appear in yellow cells. If you need to turn off an override, see the Single View box to the right. 



If you need to add a grade item to the gradebook but don't want to add an activity to the course, you can create a manual grade item. Click here for the Gradebook Setup section and view the box labeled Manual Grade Items to learn more. 

User Report

If you are curious about what your students see in the gradebook from their perspective, try the User Report. 

To access the User Report, use the Grader Report drop-down menu to select User Report. Select a student using the drop-down menu and you will see a screen similar to the one below:



The User Report shows what your students see when they access the Grades tab from the course page. They will see the weight of each assignment; the gradebook aggregation; the total possible points/grade range; their grades for each assignment; and any feedback you have left on their activities.

Single View

If you only want to view the scores related to either a specific student or activity, try Single View.

Single View will also allow you to bulk insert grades more quickly than the Grader Report. To navigate to the Single View page, use the Grader Report drop-down menu to select Single View. 



Once you are in Single view, you can choose to filter either by student or by activity (see red box on the right). If you want to view all grades for one student, select Users. If you want to view the grades of all students for one activity, select Grade Items. Once you have set your preference, use the drop-down menu in the box on the left to select the student or grade item. 


To insert grades while in Single View, turn on Edit Mode in the upper right corner of the page. You will see the screen below:



On this page, you can turn overrides (manually entered grades) on and off by either using the boxes in the override column or by using the Actions menu to select Override All or Override None. If you want to insert grades, be sure to select Override All or tick the boxes in the Override column. If you are turning an override off so that an automatic grade can be applied, make sure the override box is not checked. 


You will also notice in the Actions menu that you can bulk insert grades. If you select Bulk Insert Grades, you will see the following pop-up:



Be sure to read the notice and select the agree box if you want to bulk insert your grades. After agreeing to the statement, select whether the grade should be applied to all grades or only empty grades. Enter the number grade you want to apply in the box labeled Insert New Grade, and select Save to insert the grades. 


Student View

If you would like to view and interact with your course from a student's perspective, you can switch to student view.

To do so, click on your initials in the upper right corner of any Course Connect page and select Switch Role To... (see image below). 



On the next screen, select Student and you will see your course from a student's perspective. To revert back to a teacher, go to the same menu and select Return to My Normal Role

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