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Course Connect - For Faculty & Staff: Adding URLs

Add URLs

Adding URLs to your Course Connect course

Turn editing on. In your course, click on the gear icon in the upper right. Click Turn editing on.


Under the Topic (section) where you want the URL to display, click the + Add an activity or resource link





The box below will open. Choose the URL button and click Add


The Adding a new URL page will open and will look like this:


In the General section, complete the following fields:

  • Name – In this field, type the name you want to display on your page for your URL
  • External URL – copy and paste or type the URL you would like to use in this field
  • Description – This is an optional field if you would like to give you students more information about the resource. To display the description, check the box below the field.

In the Appearance section:

  • This section determines how your resource will display when someone clicks on the link.
  • In the field Display, it is best to change the setting from Automatic to Open (this helps a variety of devices open the URL without additional issues)

When you are done making these changes, scroll down and click Save and Return to Course

You will now return to your course page and will see your URL displayed.

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