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Course Connect - For Faculty & Staff: Gradebook Information

Gradebook Information

This page details the changes you will see in your Course Connect Gradebook.

  • The confusing series of tabs on the Grader Report (gradebook) screen has been replaced by one simple drop-down menu that will allow you to navigate through the gradebook.
  • To enter a manual grade, you will have to enter ‘Edit Mode’ in the gradebook. This adds an additional layer of action to help prevent accidental grade overrides, or manual grades entered by mistake. Simply click on the ‘Edit Mode’ button in the upper right corner of the screen to enter a manual grade.
  • To add points on top of an already existing grade, you can use the new ‘Offset’ feature. Users with 0 points (or with no points yet earned) will start off with the amount you've set as the ‘offset.’ Read more about Offsets here.
  • The new ‘Grade Summary’ page offers the user an overview of the averages for assignments, which you can filter by assignment type. To access, enter the gradebook and use the drop-down navigation menu to select ‘Grade Summary.’
  • For more Gradebook information, I recommend watching this short video.

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