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Course Connect - For Faculty & Staff: Dashboard


This page details the changes you will see on your Course Connect Dashboard. 

The Dashboard now contains a general overview and timeline. The timeline displays all of the dates from every activity that may need your attention, with links that direct you to the grading screen for teachers, and links to submit or attempt assignments for students.

You can now search for activities using the search bar. By expanding the collapsed menu on the right, you can also see your recently accessed activities. 

  • The new Dashboard now features a timeline of activities and a calendar. You can now search for activities on the Dashboard using the search bar. Additionally, you can click on the links next to any activity on the Dashboard to access the activity directly without the need to navigate to a course and locate the activity. From the Dashboard, students can select ‘attempt quiz now’ or ‘add submission’ to access their assignments, and teachers can select ‘grade’ to enter the grading screen for that assignment.

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