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Course Connect - For Faculty & Staff: Adding Videos (Teams and Stream)

Recording in Teams and Editing Video Options in Stream

Start the meeting:

Open Microsoft Teams

  • Select Calendar in the left navigation area
  • Select Meet now in the upper right corner

The meeting screen below will appear

By default, video and microphone will be selected on (you can toggle them on or off)

You can rename your video at the top of this screen

Select the purple Join Now button

The meeting will begin after connecting

Drag your cursor towards the bottom of the meeting area and a menu will appear as a bar (see below)


Notice in this bar above, the video and audio options are off, but you can click those icons to turn them back on


Record your meeting:

In the bar, find the three dots and choose the Start recording option from the pop-up menu (this will be the same place where you also stop recording)

If others are in your meeting, always remember to notify them that you have started recording

You also have other options in this bar:

  • Select the chat icon to display the meeting chat to the right
  • Select the people icon to display meeting participants
  • Toggle your video and audio on or off

You also have the option to share your screen

Share your screen:

In the bar, select the Share button


Once Share is selected, options will appear that allow you to select your desktop or recent Office files you have used

  • Select Screenshare to share your browser
  • Select PowerPoint, Excel, or Word to share your recent files
  • Select Whiteboard to share your Microsoft Whiteboard app

In the screenshot below, Screenshare is chosen

  • Chrome Tab is selected to only share an individual browser tab (Chrome is the browser used in this case)

Below is an example of sharing the Whiteboard in the meeting/recording

You can choose the Stop presenting button in the lower left corner of the screen when you want to end the Whiteboard

To stop Screenshare, click the Share button again (notice the icon change)

  • When the Share button arrow is pointing up, you are not sharing
  • When the Share button arrow is pointing down, you are sharing

If you are ready to stop recording the video, then select the three dots, and select Stop recording

End the meeting:

End the meeting by clicking on the red and white phone icon (videos will not be available until the recording stops and the meeting is ended)


Video processing and editing with Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Stream

It will take some time for your recording to process. The longer the meeting, the larger the file, and the longer it will take to process.

Go to Chat on the left side of Teams to find your recording once it has processed

Click on the Chat with your meeting name

  • It may take a while for this message to appear
  • It will likely appear at the top of your Chat list
  • It will note that the Recording is ready

The screen below will display to the right of the chat you selected

A thumbnail of your meeting will appear in the chat

Select the three dots to find more options

Select Open in Microsoft Stream from the dropdown menu

Microsoft Stream gives you many options for your video:

  • Change who can view the video
  • Set up auto captions for accessibility
  • Download your video
  • Get a link/URL for your video
  • Trim your video


Select the three dots under your Stream video

Select Update video details to edit options

Once you select Update video details, the following screen appears:


On this screen, you have several options:

Details column:

  • Rename your video
  • Create a description
  • Choose Video Language (Note: must select a language for auto captions to be enabled)
  • Choose a Thumbnail

Permission column:

  • Choose who to share your video with

Options column:

  • Captions – Autogenerating captions are a great idea for accessibility. This option is not selected by default. You must first select the Video Language in the Details column for the Captions to be an option
  • Share button – Generate a URL to share

You also have options to delete, replace, or download the video on this screen in the upper right corner

Always select Apply after you make any changes in this screen

To add your new video URL to your Course Connect page, click here:

Millsaps-Wilson Library | Millsaps College | 601-974-1073 |