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Course Connect--For Faculty & Staff: Quizzes

How to Create a Quiz

Links for Building Quizzes

To read more about the basics of creating a quiz, click here!

To read a more in-depth description of quizzes, visit this page!

Quizzes and ADA Compliance

If you have a student who needs extra time on a quiz, the following steps will tell you how to create an override in your course to allow only certain students extra time on quizzes. 

  • Set up the quiz with the normal time limit that will apply to most of the students taking it.
  • Once your quiz is ready to go, click on the quiz from the main page of the course.
  • Click the quiz editing gear and select "User overrides" from the menu.
  • Click "Add override". On this page you can override any of the existing quiz settings for one or more users.
  • Select the user(s) from the "Override user" dropdown box.
  • Change any of the settings you want. You can change the time limit for the quiz, the number of attempts, change the open/close window for the quiz, and make a password required for a user to take the quiz. You can also just change the time limit setting here and leave the rest as-is.
  • Once finished, click the Save button.

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