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Course Connect - For Faculty & Staff: Adding a Header

Header Options

To create a header for your course:

  1. Turn editing on
  2. Click on the topmost Edit button (to the right and above the Attendance activity)
  3. Select Edit Section
  4. You will see the following page:

You can use this editing box to add and customize text and media. 




Header Icons

 Use this icon to expand your header options.

 Use this icon to add a heading style.

 Use these icons to add Bold or Italic text.

 Use these icon to add bulleted or numbered lists.

 Use these icons to hyperlink and unlink URLs in your header.

 Use these icons to add images, video content, sound, or files to your header. 


The second row of icons allows you to further edit text, including color, position, special characters, and a table option. 

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