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Instructional Technology: Safe Exam Browser

This guide houses content related to instructional technology.

SEB Demo

You can try Safe xam Browser out with a Moodle demo exam; you will find several exams linked on the demo exam portal page. The links on that portal page directly start a Moodle exam in SEB.

First, download SEB for your platform and install it. 

To log in to the demo exams in Moodle, use the following credentials--

Username: seb1

Password: demo

Quit Password: quit (use the quit button on the right bottom of the screen, or the key shortcuts cmd - Q on Mac or ctrl - Q on Windows.)

Course Connect Integration

Defaults for SEB Template

Below are the default settings for the option 'Yes--Use an existing template' when applying SEB in a Course Connect quiz:

SEB Quiz Instructions

Safe Exam Browser is now fully integrated into Course Connect. To enable SEB in a quiz:

  1. Enter your quiz settings. 
  2. Scroll to Safe Exam Browser.
  3. For Require the use of Safe Exam Browser, select, Yes--Use an existing template.
  4. From the menu labeled Safe Exam Browser config template, select Safe Exam Browser Template 1
  5. Ensure Show Safe Exam Browser download button is set to Yes
  6. Ensure Enable quitting of SEB is set to Yes
  7. Enter a quit password, if desired (students will be required to enter this password before exiting SEB if a password is entered in this field). 
  8. Scroll down and select Save Changes


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