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Instructional Technology: Perusall

This guide houses content related to instructional technology.


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How To Integrate An Assignment Into Moodle

Student Sync

Student roster sync

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Upon setting up a new course in Perusall through your LMS, the roster in Perusall will be empty even if your LMS roster is not. This is normal; your student roster in Perusall will automatically populate as students each launch into Perusall from the LMS for the first time.

Copying Perusall Courses

How to Migrate a Standalone Course into Course Connect

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If you have previously set up your course materials in a standalone Perusall course (i.e., one created at rather than through your LMS), you can copy those materials into your LMS-connected Perusall course. To do this:

  • Launch Perusall from your LMS.

  • On the Perusall course home page, select Library > Add > Materials from another course.

  • Select the course you previously created outside of your LMS. 

Gradebook Sync

Setting up gradebook sync

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To add a Perusall assignment to your course, add an External Tool with the exact same name as the Perusall assignment.


  • Turn editing on in your course.

  • Select add an activity or resource and add an external tool.

  • Give the tool a name.

    • Give the assignment in the LMS the same name as the assignment in Perusall; there is an option on the dropdown menu for each assignment in Perusall called copy full title to LMS that will copy the assignment name to the clipboard so you can paste it into your LMS.

  • Under Preconfigured Tool select Perusall from the drop-down menu.

  • Adjust your grades as needed so that they match your Perusall grades. 

  • Save changes.

Then students can launch directly into that assignment inside Perusall from Course Connect. Once you release the grades for a particular assignment, Perusall will send the grades for that assignment back to the Course Connect gradebook. Any subsequent changes you make to your course in Perusall that would affect the scores on that assignment (e.g., changing the lateness penalty) will also sync back to Course Connect so the CC gradebook and Perusall gradebook are always in sync.

Grades are synced to Course Connect about once an hour, so it may take an hour or two for a grade update to be reflected in Course Connect. 

Notes on Grading

Due to the way LTI works, grades are sent to the LMS as a percentage, rather than as a raw score. The LMS will then apply that percentage to the assignment based on the number of points you have set for that assignment in the LMS. For example, if your lowest possible assignment score is 0 and highest possible assignment score in Perusall is 5, and the assignment is set in the LMS to be worth 10 points, a score of 4 will be sent across to the LMS as 80% and will show up in the LMS as 8/10. For this reason, we recommend that you set up assignments in your LMS to be worth the same number of points as it is worth in Perusall.

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