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Instructional Technology: EdPuzzle

This guide houses content related to instructional technology.

Edpuzzle Sign-up Link

Click here to sign up for a new Edpuzzle account!

When creating an Edpuzzle account sign up with your email address so you can access the Pro tools.

Using Edpuzzle in Course Connect

To add an Edpuzzle assignment to your course:

To add an Edpuzzle link to your course using the instructions below, you will need to use the Firefox web browser. After setup is completed, Chrome or Firefox will both work to access the content. 


1. Select Turn Editing On.

2. Under the topic where you want to place your assignment, select Add an Activity or Resource

3. Select the Edpuzzle plugin. 


4. Click Select Content to open the content selector screen. 



5. Click on the content you would like to assign.

6. Click Next at the bottom of the screen. 

7. Adjust your Assignment Options as needed, then select Assign. You will be redirected back to Course Connect. 

8. Do not Adjust your assignment title. 

9. Scroll down and select Save and Return to Course


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