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Stress Relief: Aromatherapy

Stressed? We don't want you to be! Enjoy this selection of our finest stress relief tips and tricks.


Aromatherapy has been shown to reduce stress, improve alertness, and even help with head and muscle aches. 

However, this is by no means an exact science or a replacement for medical treatment, and should not be taken as medical advice.  

Much of aromatherapy uses essential oils. Essential oils should never be consumed, and should always be diluted before using. 

Aromatherapy Recipes

Dorm-Safe Uses

Read the questions below on how to keep your aromatherapy sessions dorm-friendly!

Can I use a wax diffuser for aromatherapy in my dorm?

Wax diffusers use an open heat source, so they cannot be used in the dorms. 

Well then, what can I use?

Most aromatherapy diffusers use water vapor (similar to a humidifier) and are safe to use in your dorm room. Plus, diffusers that use steam or air to disperse essential oils are more customizable, so you can create a scent that is right for you.

Can I use incense in my dorm?

Incense and candles cannot be used in the residence halls. However, there are many ways to enjoy aromatherapy without an open flame. Roll-ons, sprays, perfumes, lotions, and more are all safe and effective. Explore the links above to find the option that works best for you. 

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