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Religious Studies: Honors Theses on Religion

Honors Theses


Honors Theses on Religion


  • God, Giving, and Gates: A Comparative Study of Exclusion and the Poor in the Peripheries of Urban Religious Spaces

By: Merrit Cathleen Corrigan, 2015

Call Number: LD3311 .M63 2015 C67

  • Initiatives in Midtown Research: liberation Theology in Midtown Communion Rituals and Other Avenues for Research

By: Elizabeth Eileen Doyle, 2015

Call Number: LD3311 .M63 2015 D69

  • God in a Gallery: Examining the Transition from Abstraction to the Focus on the Figurative in Contemporary Religious Art

By: Isabel M. Gray, 2015

Call Number: LD3311 .M63 2015 G73

  • The Transmission of Punjabi Culture and Sikh Religion to the Second Generation

By: Jasmeet Kaur Thind, 2013

Call Number: LD3311 .M63 2013 K38

  • Introducing Spirituality through Eastern Meditation and Yoga Techniques in a College Population: A Look at the Psychological Effects in a Mind/Body Techniques Class

By: Sameer Goel, 2012

Call Number: LD3311 .M63 2012 G64

  • Extraordinary Faith: Southern Religion and the Civil Rights Movement

By: Laura Jean Cost, 2011

Call Number: LD3311.M63 2011 C67

  • Buying Jesus: A Contemporary Study of the Sacred and the Profane

By: Maria Underwood, 2010

Call Number: LD3311.M63 2010 U53

  • Juvencus: Making Christianity Epic

​By: Andrew T. Carlson, 2009

Call Number: LD3311.M63 2009 C37

  • Hybridity, Mimicry and Commodification: Identity and Messianic Judaism

By: James Justin Sledge, 2008

Call Number: LD3311.M63 2008 S54

  • Albania: Religion, Identity, and Solidarity

By: Georgia Ellen Beilmann, 2006

Call Number: LD3311 .M63 2006 B45

  • "Go Therefore": The Problem of Anthropocentrism in Christian Mission and Theology of Karl Barth

By: Matt Marston, 2005

Call Number: LD3311.M63 2005 M37

  • Eve, Durga, You, and I: A Study in Religious Pluralism

By: Jamie Harris, 1999

Call Number: LD3311.M63 1999 H37       

  • One Nation, Under God, Indivisible, with Separation of Church and State: A Philosophical Assessment

By: Heath Massey, 1996

Call Number: LD3311.M63 1996 M37

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