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GOVT 2400 International Relations: Finding Books

Selected Titles

Finding Books

Books about international relations, politics, foreign policy, and world history with be found throughout the library.  Some good sections  to check:

D: World History 

H: Social Sciences    

J: Political Science  

       JV 1-9480   Colonies and colonization. Emigration and immigration. International migration

       JZ 5-6530  International Relations 

Political Theory

Books about politcal theory can be found in section JC. 

JC JC11-605 Political theory. The state. Theories of the state ‚Äč

JC131-273 Modern state

JC177-178 Thomas Paine

JC311-314 Nationalism. Nation state

JC319-323 Political geography

JC327 Sovereignty

JC328.2 Consensus. Consent of the governed

JC328.6-.65 Violence. Political violence

JC329 Patriotism

JC345-347 Symbolism

JC348-497 Forms of the state

JC571-605 Purpose, functions, and relations of the state 

The single search box searches all the physical items held by the library and some eBooks

Location of Materials
Classifications A--D399                                                      East Stacks 1                                                                                            
Classifications D400--F                                                      East Stacks 2
Classifications G--HR                                                          East Stacks 3
Classifications HS--K                                                           East 3
Classifications L--Z                                                               West 3

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