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Meet Our Writing Consultants!

Isabel Baird

My name is Isabel Baird. I am a Biology major, and French studies and Chemistry double-minor. I like working on biology and chemistry abstracts, as well as Heritage papers. 

Whitney Baker 

My name is Whitney Baker. I’m an Art History major and a Chemistry minor. I would love to help out with any kind of humanities papers, especially visual analyses and art history essays!

Kiki Birge 

My name is Ke’Ancelar Birge, and I’m majoring Sociology. I like to work on sociology and heritage papers, or papers that deal with the society and its history

Cecilia Bruce

My name is Cecilia Bruce. I'm a Creative Writing and Spanish Major. I enjoy working on MLA formated papers and creative works. 

Alexis Carter 

My name is Alexis Carter, and I’m majoring in English. I like to work on Philosophy, English, and Heritage papers.

Courtney Cleveland

My name is Courtney Cleveland, and I am a Biology major with a minor in Neuroscience and Cognitive Studies. I enjoy working on Heritage and science related papers.

Caroline Daniels

My name is Caroline Daniels. I’m majoring in Creative Writing and double-minoring in Music and Psychology. I’m interested in working with any kind of paper.

Jacob Detiege

My name is Jacob Detiege. I am majoring in Political Science with a minor is Sociology. I can help anyone with the humanities and social sciences, but of course, all are welcome! 

Olivia Edwards 

My name is Olivia Edwards, and I’m working on a B.S. Economics and Mathematics degree. I like helping with Economic and heritage papers.

Lauren Ferguson

I’m Lauren Ferguson, pursuing a major in Psychology and dual-major in Sociology and Anthropology. I am in love with social science, but I also have some experience in other types of scientific writing and the humanities. Most of my writing involves APA, ASA, and AAA format.

Mohamed Hegazy 

I’m Mohamed Hegazy. I’m a biochemistry major minoring in history. I find it meaningful working at the writing center because it allows me to broaden my horizons and aid others in written assignments that allow me and the student to explore new outlets and inspire creative thinking.

Heather Hembree

My name is Heather Hembree, and I am a Neuroscience and English double major. I really enjoy working on Heritage, humanities, and scientific papers.

Emily Herring 

Hi, my name is Emily Herring! I'm a double major in Economics and Business Administration. I enjoy working on all types of papers, but research and economic papers are my favorite! 

Brady King 

My name is Brady King. I am a History and Philosophy major. I like helping with papers focuses on turning points in history and any sort of philosophy paper. 

Candace McKenzie

My name is Candace McKenzie. I major in Communication Studies and minor in Creative Writing and Non-profit Management.  Even though I'm game to assist with any assignment, I enjoy working on Communication papers, creative pieces, and Humanities papers. 

Morgan Moss 

I’m Morgan Moss. I’m majoring in English Literature. I’m interested in working on any and all types of papers.

Neha Nafis

My name’s Neha Nafis, and I’m a biology major. I like to work on lab reports and psychology papers.

Cailey Ness

I'm Cailey Ness. I'm majoring in Chemistry, and I'm minoring in Biology, Economics, and Greek. I'm interested in helping with Heritage and science papers.

Yuki Nogawa

My name is Yuki Nogawa. I'm double-majoring in Political Science and Creative Writing. I enjoy working on all Arts and Humanities papers! 

Lilly Ramirez 

Hi my name is Lilliana Ramirez, I am a History major, and I love reading and working on papers from the humanities and Heritage!

Carlie Reeves 

My name is Carlie Reeves and I am an English Literature major on the pre-med track. I enjoy working on all papers, but I particularly like working on papers dealing with the humanities and creative writing.

Jillian Sandoz 

My name is Jillian Sandoz and I am a biology major. I like to work on Heritage papers and lab reports for biology or chemistry with students.

AK Singleton 

 I'm AK Singleton. I'm a Political Science and American Studies major with a minor in Greek and Roman Studies. I love working on political science research papers.

Laurel Stringer 

I’m Laurel Stringer. I’m a Neuroscience & Cognitive Studies major. I love to help my classmates and peers with writing both humanities papers and lab reports.

Carolina Teague

My name is Carolina Teague. I am a Neuroscience major and Psychology minor. I enjoy working on research papers. 

Cassidy Thrash

My name is Cassidy Thrash.  I'm an Applied Math major. I enjoy working on Heritage and Connections essays.  

Brailey Vine 

Hi, my name is Brailey Vine! I'm an English and Spanish double major. I enjoy working on Heritage, Connections, English, Creative Writing and Spanish papers, but I'm also willing to work on anything! 

Anna White 

I’m Anna White. I’m majoring in psychology. I’m interested in helping with heritage and psychology papers.

Kaylee White

Hi, my name is Kaylee White! I’m a Psychology and Communications Studies double major I enjoy working on all types of papers; however, I especially enjoy working on Psychology and Heritage papers.

About Us

The Millsaps Writing Center is staffed by undergraduates who, in their roles as Writing Consultants, provide one-to-one peer-to-peer writing support for all Millsaps students. Our Writing Consultants are majoring and minoring in a wide range of disciplines such as anthropology, applied math, biology, business, chemistry, communications, creative writing, education, English literature, French, math, music, neuroscience, psychology, sociology, and Spanish. All Writing Consultants complete three semesters of pedagogical training, including studying writing center scholarship and research methods for writing center inquiry.

Mission Statement

The Millsaps College Writing Center seeks to encourage writers in all stages of the writing process and to encourage intellectual growth though writing. Our Purpose is to provide support and guidance to Millsaps writers as they pursue their writing goals beyond the curriculum.

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