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Modern Languages: Spanish Language & Literature

Selected Spanish Language Films


DVD 1175

The Motorcycle Diaries 

DVD 1324

The Sea Inside 

DVD 1171

Pan's Labyrinth 

DVD 1280

Hable con Ella 

DVD 274

Y tu Mamá También 

DVD 1630

The Spirit of the Beehive 

DVD 1323


DVD 1698

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DP1-402  History of Spain 

DT1-3415 History of Africa 

F1201-3799 Latin America. Spanish America (History of)

PQ6001-8929 Spanish literature

  • PQ6001-6168 History and criticism
  • PQ6001-6056 General
  • PQ6056 Moorish-Spanish literature
  • PQ6058-6060 Early to 1500
  • PQ(6061)-6073 Modern
  • PQ6075-6098 Poetry
  • PQ6098.7-6129 Drama
  • PQ6131-6153 Prose
  • PQ(6155)-(6167) Folk literature
  • PQ6168 Juvenile literature (General)

PQ6170-6269 Collections

  • PQ6170-6174.9 General
  • PQ6174.95-6215 Poetry
  • PQ6217-(6241) Drama
  • PQ6247-6264 Prose
  • PQ(6265)-6269 Translations

PQ6271-6498 Individual authors and works to 1700

PQ6500-6576 Individual authors, 1700-ca. 1868

PQ6600-6647 Individual authors, 1868-1960

PQ6650-6676 Individual authors, 1961-2000

PQ6700-6726 Individual authors, 2001-

PQ7000-8929 Provincial, local, colonial, etc.

PQ7081-8560 Spanish America

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