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History Resources at the Millsaps-Wilson Library

Check out this guide to find out what kinds of resources are available to you.

Questions about history resources? Ask a librarian! Email us at, come by the front desk, or call us at 601-974-1073.

Finding Resources

History books are generally located in sections C-F, but you will find books about history throughout our collection. See below for areas where you can browse by subject.

  • DA 1 - 999 Great Britain History
  • DA 10-18.2 For British Commonwealth nations see --Commonwealth countries
  • DA 900-995 Ireland History
  • E 175 - 175.7 United States History Historiography
  • F 336-350 Mississippi History
  • F1001-1145.2 Canada History
  • F 1201-3799 Latin America History
  • F 1201-1392 Mexico History
  • F 1421 - 1577 Central America History
  • F 1601-1629 (including Cuba, Haiti, etc.) West Indies History
  • F 2201- 3799 South America History

Tips for subject searching in history:

  • For primary sources see, United States History Sources
  • To search for a certain country - do a subject search for [Country] -- history for example: Hungary History
  • Jackson (Miss.) History.
  • DC139-249 For French Revolution see -- France History Revolution, 1789-1799
  • DD 253-256 for Nazism, see -- National socialism
  • For World War I see -- World War, 1914-1918
  • For World War II see-- World War, 1939-1945
  • Renaissance
  • History Southern States
  • Industrial revolution
  • United States Politics and government

To better understand how books are organized in the Millsaps-Wilson Library, check out the Library of Congress Classification Outline.

Online Reference Materials

Print Reference Materials (Located near the front desk)

Primary sources are contemporary accounts of an event, written by someone who experienced or witnessed the event in question. These original documents (i.e., they are not about another document or account) are often diaries, letters, memoirs, journals, speeches, manuscripts, interviews and other such unpublished works. They may also include published pieces such as newspaper or magazine articles (as long as they are written soon after the fact and not as historical accounts), photographs, audio or video recordings, research reports in the natural or social sciences, or original literary or theatrical works.

Primary:  First-hand account of an event, an original work

  • Autobiographies, letters, e-mails, diaries, speeches, interviews
  • Documents, laws, treaties
  • Raw data that has been collected
  • Works of literature, art, music
  • Newspaper accounts of events, by someone on the scene

Secondary: A summary, interpretation, or analysis of something else

  • Articles, books, biographies which summarize, interpret the original statements, documents
  • Textbooks
  • Analysis of statistics
  • Criticism — of literature, art, music
  • Secondary accounts of events by those who compile and synthesize the original accounts

Tertiary: Usually a combination or collection of primary and secondary sources

  • Encyclopedias
  • Dictionaries
  • Indexes
  • Handbooks, guidebooks, manuals



Selected Online Primary Sources 

Print Chicago Manual of Style and Turabian guides available in the library

Style guides

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