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Film Studies: Film Reviews

Reviews from Online Magazines, Newspapers & Websites

Library Held Digital Newspapers & Magazines

Film Critics to Look For

  • David Edelstein, variety of publications, currently active
  • Valerie Complex, variety of publications, currently active 
  • Wesley Morris, The Boston Globe, currently active (Pulitzer winner for criticism)
  • Monica Castillo, NY Times Watch, currently active 
  • Mike D’Angelo, Village Voice, Variety, Time Out New York, currently active
  • Emily Yoshida, Vulture, New York Magazine, currently active  
  • Todd McCarthy, Variety, The Hollywood Reporter, active since the 1970s
  • Glenn Kenny, The Village Voice, Premiere, currently active
  • Justin Chang, Variety, LA Times, NPR, currently active 
  • Dana Stevens, Slate, currently active
  • Jen Yamato, LA Times, currently active 
  • Vincent Canby, Variety, NY Times, active until 2000
  • Lisa Schwartzbaum, The Boston Globe, Entertainment Weekly
  • Janet Maslin, NY Times 1977-1999
  • A.O. Scott, Newsday, Slate, NY Times, currently active
  • James Agee, Time, The Nation, 1940s-1950s
  • Anthony Lane, The New Yorker, currently active 
  • Pauline Kael, The New Yorker 1968-1991
  • Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun Times 1967-2013 

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