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Else School of Management: Accounting

For Undergraduate and Graduate Programs

Print Resources

Search the Millsaps-Wilson Library catalog below for physical items (books, print journals & magazines, DVDs) in the library's collection.  You can search by keyword, author, title or subject.  

Browse library books by subject--Accounting books are generally found in the following call number ranges and are located on the top floor of the East wing.

  • HF5601-5689 Accounting. Bookkeeping
  • HF5691-5716 Business mathematics. Commercial arithmetic Including tables, etc.
  • HJ2005-2216 Income and expenditure. Budget
  • HJ2240-5908 Revenue. Taxation. Internal revenue
  • HJ2321-2323 Tax incidence. Tax shifting. Tax equity
  • HJ2326-2327 Progressive taxation
  • HJ2336-2337 Tax exemption
  • HJ2338 Taxation of government property
  • HJ2351 Inflation and taxation
  • HJ2351.4 Tax revenue estimating HJ2361-3192.7 By region or country
  • HJ3801-3844 Revenue from sources other than taxation
  • HJ3863-3925 Direct taxation
  • HJ4113-4601 Property tax
  • HJ4629-4830 Income tax
  • HJ9701-9940 Public accounting. Auditing

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