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How to Use the Library Catalog: How to Locate Materials in your Library

About Call Numbers

Most academic libraries including the Millsaps-Wilson Library use the Library of Congress (LC) Classification System to arrange books and other items on the the library shelves. This system allows each item to be assigned a unique call number. A call number is like an address; it indicates where the item is located on the library shelves.  Below are the locations of call number ranges within the Millsaps-Wilson Library. 

Location of Materials in the Millsaps-Wilson Library

Circulating books:

Classifications A – D399

East Stacks 1

Classifications D400 – F

East Stacks 2

Classifications G – HR

East Stacks 3

Classifications HS – K

East 3

Classifications L – Z

West 3


Circulation Desk


West 3

Newspapers (current)

West 2

Oversized books

West 2

Periodicals (current and bound)

West 2

Reference books

East 2

Special Collections

Archives (Millsaps and Methodist)

East 3

Engel Collection (music, arts)

West 3

Johnson Collection (military history)

West 2

Kellogg Collection (children's literature)

West 2

Ramsey Collection (ethics)

West 2

Rare Books

West 3

Smith Collection (ethics)

West 2

Welty Collection

West 3

How to Read a Call Number

Most call numbers have four parts :

• General / Broad Subject

• Narrower subtopic

• Cutter Number (represents author, corporation, or title)

• Year of Publication 

Some call numbers will also list volume or copy number as well. 

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