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Millsaps College Archives | Millsaps College Bulletin: Introduction

Millsaps College Archives | Millsaps College Bulletin

Millsaps College Bulletin was a public relations periodical distributed quarterly, and later monthly, during college sessions between 1917 and 1972.  It was published by the Office of Public Relations for the benefit of alumni, prospective students, college community and the general public. 

The Millsaps College Bulletins are part of a digital collection that exhibits the history of the college through student and alumni publications and course catalogs.  All material in the collection is from the collection of the Millsaps-Wilson Library and College Archives.  These works reflect the time of their creation and as such provide historical and cultural information.  They may contain content that is no longer representative of the attitudes and policies of Millsaps College.  Millsaps College holds the rights to all volumes not in the public domain

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