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Library Course Reserves: Faculty--Placing Course Reserves

Guide for Students and Faculty on how to use Library Reserves

Placing Course Reserves

What can be placed on Reserve?

Books, DVDs, CDs and other items from the Library's circulating collections can be placed on Reserve, as well as personal copies of materials. Photocopies of journal articles, book chapters, or selected pages of print resources may be placed on Reserve provided they adhere to Copyright guidelinesInterlibrary loan items or materials belonging to other libraries may not be placed on Reserve.

How do I place material on Reserve?

To place materials on Reserve you can bring them to the Front Desk and ask for a Reserves Form. Fill out one form for each course. You can also email with a list of the items from the Library's collection you want placed on Reserve (preferably with their call numbers), the course name and number, and which loan period you require. Let us know how long you need the materials to remain on Reserve. We ask that you allow a few days for processing Reserves, so please bring materials in well before your students will need them.

Materials used on a recurring basis can be placed on Permanent Reserve. They will remain on Reserve each semester until you let us know they are no longer needed.

What are the available loan periods? Can students take Reserve materials out of the Library?

In house library use only loan periods are for 1, 2, or 3 Hours. Our default Reserves loan period is 2 hours if no preference is given. If you'd like students to have materials for a longer period you can request 1, 3, or 7 Day loans that can be taken from the library.

How can I see what materials I currently have on Reserve?

Click here to see a list of current Reserves.

What happens to personal copies at the end of the semester?

Unless you have asked for personal copies to remain on Permanent Reserve indefinitely, they will be taken off Reserve at the end of each semester. You may pick them up at the Front Desk or have them returned to you via campus mail. 

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