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Initiative for Vocational Inquiry: IVI Module Resources for Faculty

Initiative for Vocational Inquiry--Millsaps College

IVI Module Resources for Faculty

The resources found on this page are intended to support faculty interested in incorporating conversations, projects, and/or questions related to vocational inquiry into their courses.

Not sure where to begin? Utilize the Introduction to Vocational Inquiry in your Classroom: IVI Module Resources for Faculty module to generate initial assignment or class discussion ideas. The audio-files included below, referred to as IVI Stories, are intended to serve as just one resource faculty might consider embedding into their coursework.

The aforementioned resources can be used across disciplines at the beginning, middle, and/or end points—to explicitly engage students in the process of vocational inquiry.

Gracey Belote

Traditional Student from Brandon, MS
-Graduated 2017 Major Neurophilosophy
-Career: Graduate School in Neurophilosophy at Washington University in St. Louis

Katie Connor

Traditional Student from Memphis, TN
- Graduated 2017, Major: Biology
- Career: Nursing

Daniel Johnson

Non-Traditional Student (Entered at 27 after being in the workforce)
- Graduated 2011, Major Studio Art
- Career: CEO – Significant Developments

Ross LeBlanc

From Chalmette, LA 

-Graduated in 2008, Major: English with a concentration in Creative Writing. 
-Career: Plaintiff Trial Lawyer

Katelyn Murrary

Transfer student from Mississippi State and Madison, MS
- Graduated 2016 Major Psychology 
- Career: Graduate School in Family Counseling at Boston University

Leah Travis

Traditional Student 

-Graduated in 2017, Majored in SOAN (concentrations in sociology and anthropology) and English 
-Career: 2nd year law student at the University of Colorado Law, with a focus on Civil Rights litigation 

Benton Brown

Traditional Student from New Orleans, LA
- Graduated 2017, Major Business Administration
- Career: Consultant at Education Advisory Board (EAB)

Mariah Gibson

 Traditional Student 
- Graduated 2017, Major: Mathematics and English
- Career: Associate Business Analyst, Technology Services division, Scholastic 

Meagan Joseph

 Traditional Student from Birmingham, AL
- Graduated 2015, Major Biology
- Career: Study Coordinator, Clinical Trials

Adriana Lopez-Esteban

Traditional Student
- Graduated 2016, Major: SOAN with concentration in sociology 
- Career: Bilingual Therapist, King County Sexual Assault Resource Center 

Edgar Morgan

Traditional Student from Shreveport, LA
- Graduated 2015, Major: Biology
- Career: Health Administration

Michael Rohrer

Traditional Student
- Graduated 2018, Major: Geology
- Career: Graduate School Geophysics Oklahoma State University

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