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Initiative for Vocational Inquiry: IVI Hour

Initiative for Vocational Inquiry--Millsaps College

Each IVI Hour sets one hour apart from our busy lives to hear from a faculty member or alum of Millsaps College. In an intimate setting, they share with faculty, students, and staff  about their lives, their work, and lessons learned along the way. IVI Hours are intended to help us think in flexible and creative ways about majors, careers, and our lives in the world. We also highlight our stories to encounter and celebrate one another as whole, complex, and irreducibly unique persons in our community. IVI Hours are currently offered once per semester. For insights on vocation from faculty across the nation, check out:

IVI Hour

IVI Hour


Spring 2019

Dr. Stacy DeZutter, Associate Professor of Education, Friday, February 1, 3-4pm AC 137

Fall 2018

Rev. Dr. Theon Johnson, Millsaps Alum, Friday, October 12, 3-4pm AC 137 

Spring 2018

Sarah Lea Anglin, Professor of Biology, Friday, March 2, 3-4pm AC 137

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